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speed its really fun and energetic music!!! I like it a lot! Favorite track: Dance To Anything.
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Dimxsk GP makes amazing music, and this album, while short, is great. He's gone a more spacey and funky route with the production, but he has definitely become a more talented producer since With Trumpets... and everything fits together beautifully. In a time when pop stars need not write lyrics, play instruments, or be able to sing in order to sell, this man plays everything, is fearlessly weird, and has an amazing voice without studio magic BS. I cannot recommend his music enough. Favorite track: Dance To Anything.


Written & recorded at Camp Pepper, Spring 2016.
All instruments by Peps. 'Ghost Cat' drawing by Gilly Willy.


released May 6, 2016


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Gregory Pepper Guelph, Ontario

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Track Name: Dance To Anything
Loving gonna come my way
Oh I ain't gonna play
I'm just singing about my gloom and pain
Cuz she'll dance to anything

Loving gonna come my way
Forever and a day
And I don't even gotta work or strain
Cuz she'll dance to anything

Gilly Willy gonna do the Shimmy
(she'll dance to anything)
H-Bomb do the Locomotion
(she'll dance to anything)
Tam Tam do the Bartman
(she'll dance to anything)
L-Roe do the Vogue
(she'll dance to anything)
Track Name: This Town
You built a boat and it floated out
It hit a rock and then it ran aground
You tired to swim back and then you drowned
I guess you'll never get out of this town

You put a mask on, you got a knife
You hunted teenagers at night
The frisky ones were the first to die
You said they wouldn't make it out alive

Never get out of this town
When you're down in the ground

You made a promise, you made a vow
You carved a symbol in your brow
You got a trench coat, you're hiding out
I guess you'll never get out of this town
Track Name: When The Bandages Come Off
Skinny Minnie, would ya listen to me:
I don't wanna go
I can't parade this shabby mane I've grown
Living old, dying slow
Wearing tattered, dirty clothes
Oh I don't wanna go

Goddamn, I am a wolfman
Bred to be disowned
Just let me stay and clutch this old tombstone
Sweaty palms, bloody cough
But when the bandages come off
I'll try to come and be your puppet show

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