My Bad 03:04
Shy Gangsta 01:38


"His approach to the pop song smacks of the Comanche torture method of cutting away as much of a captive’s body while keeping him alive. But this merciless cutting of the fat is usually matched by a richness—sometimes a glut—of production, and a prevalence of themes. When that balance is struck, the sparseness of measurable time expands into a larger experience—the “more” that one might be after accrues with each listen, and the songs and the album start to occupy a larger space in your experience than they do in your computer.

Though only seven songs and fourteen minutes long, the My Bad EP feels somehow longer than Pepper’s preceding albums. Here there is a kind of generosity and warmth in both song and production. If his earlier work has a feeling of being contained and airtight, My Bad is blousy by comparison. The album sounds like the mood and room it was written and recorded in. If the EP ends and you find yourself wanting more, put the thing on again."

-Andrew Hood, 2014


released March 25, 2014

written, recorded, and performed by Gregory Pepper.

Choose My Music Records (UK) Fake Four Inc. (US)


all rights reserved


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