before the sun hits diaper hill I'm gonna chill
so small and mad I can't resist
smiling at your little fist

I can’t tell
I can't tell if it’s funny as fuck
or really fucking lame
so I'm just gonna wait over there

I can’t tell

Is this a stone or a brick? I can't tell
Is this the stones or the kinks? I can't tell
did someone put something in my drink?
it's not a tumor and it's not a zit

I can't tell
I can't tell if it's funny as hell
or some type of revenge
but I'm standing here dressed like The Crow

I couldn't tell you where the apostrophe goes
but you can slide it between the prison bars
somewhere there's a finger
that I lost in the spokes
and what I'd be without you
well, God only knows

I can't tell
I can't tell where I'd be or what I'd do
without you


from I Know Now Why You Cry, released February 14, 2020


all rights reserved


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